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GEYPER MAN 1970's Original box

I still have one original (in bad shape) original Geyper Man box.

Update in 22/05/2017: I dont have this figure and box anymore. Go to a vintage collector in exchange of other more recent figures and equipment that I like.

The Geyper Man was a copy of Hasbro Action Man made in Spain. In Portugal was the nearest thing we have as a 1970's Action Man. The quality was the same of Action Man and was also a sucess in Portugal. Here the pictures:

The box included a basic Geyper Man with a basic and Assortment figure and equipment (the Monkey suit varies in color and there are blonde and burnete Geyper Men with or whitout beard . If you want to evolve one of this figures you must aquire extra equipment and uniforms.

Thats a basic Geyper Man.

All boxes include a Geyper Man catalog.

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