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Palitoy - ACTION MAN Space Capsule 1967 - 1970

Action Man Space Capsule Description:

"Every Astronaut needs a capsule before he can blast off into outer-space. Action Man Astronaut has his! Designed from the Mercury space craft blueprints and scaled to fit him perfectly, it will float in the water after splashdown!".

The Action Man Space Capsule first appears in the 1968 Equipment Manual. It was a very popular at a time that man was preparing to land on the Moon. It was based on the 'Mercury' Missions. The sliding window that allows access into the capsule becomes scratched easily. As this piece was reputed to 'float' many of the instrument panel decals have buckled in bathwater.

Yes I have one of this. I found it in a forgoten old box. I buy it in the late 70's. Was one of my favorite toys at that time. Never had the Astrounaut outfitt but I use any figure available then to play.

Update in 22/05/2017: I dont have this Capsule and figure anymore. Go to a vintage collector in exchange of other more related recent figures and equipment that I like.

Is not a Action Man but a Geyper Man

The front panel is deteriorated by the years.

The USA logo is deteriorated by the years

The Space Capsule was full of dirt and mold. These pictures was taken after a big wash

I found the original box and instrutions here: 

And yes I also have the original instructions:

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