quinta-feira, 27 de julho de 2017

Elsa - 1/6 Dragon scale figure - German Nurse from the DRK (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz)

This is Elsa. A Dragon 1/6 scale action figure representing a German Nurse from the DRK (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) or German Red Cross - Russia 1942. Is a collector figure. Is now discontinued. Was sell from 2000 to 2001.

I own one. Is a doll (action figure) without quality except in the uniform and acessories. Looks like a low quality Barbie doll. Is small comparing to other 1/6 figures. The hands are not detailed and is very slim unlike the acessories, like the strecher, they are very good.

Is a nice figure and have a place on my collection (for now).

Here goes some pictures:

And now with some friends...

Here goes some pictures of the original package:

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