sábado, 12 de agosto de 2017

WIP Custom 1/6 Scale SS-Hauptsturmführer - Wilhelm

This is the body of Generalfieldmarshall Wilhelm Keitel from DID Corporation. It doesnt really look like Wilhelm Keitel but is a nice figure. I custom it because I dont have the full uniform and equipment so it becames the Wilhelm a Waffen SS-Hauptsturmführer (Hauptmann - Captain) - Panzergrenadier.

Is a Work in Progress made with spare uniform parts and equipment so maybe will be updated in the near future. The body is DID overcoat and belt is also DID. The Helmet is Ultimate Soldier like the boots (both repainted by me). The trousers are Geyper Man and the pistol holster and the Zeltbahn is from Dragon.

The Ultimate Soldier helmet has a new strap made by me.

The collar badges are scratchbuild by me using printed paper and printed cuts of parts to give a 3D apearance.

Here goes some pictures (updated in 22/10/2017):

Pictures of the original DID Wilhelm Keitel - 2006:

And the real Generalfieldmarshall Wilhelm Keitel (very different...):

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