quinta-feira, 13 de abril de 2017

Action Man Royal Navy Sailor from Palitoy

This my oldest 1/6 figure. Is a Vintage Action Man with body from 1964 made by Palitoy (British Version from the American GI Joe)

The basic Action Man Action Sailor figure from 1966, was replaced by a flock haired Action Man figure, with a more British flavour in 1971 and renamed simply "Sailor" and wearing a 'Square Rig' uniform for a Royal Navy junior rating. This all new Action Man Sailor was flocked with a full beard (as was the new Adventurer a year earlier). It could be accessorised further by equipment card sets. He ran for approximately seven years, gaining Gripping Hands in 1973, and then Eagle Eyes in 1977.

Update in 22/05/2017: I dont have this figure anymore. Go to a vintage collector in exchange of other more recent figures and equipment that I like.

Is body was a little flacid. The uniform is old. I dont have any additional equipment.

 Is a Sailor from the WW2 British Aircraft Carrier HMS Ark Royal
 Is head is very good for the years he have. Its a flock haired blond version

 He don't have gripping hands like later Action Man models

 The uniform was made in Hong Kong
Stamped 1964. Older tham me :) 

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