terça-feira, 4 de abril de 2017

GEYPER MAN - Field Radio (Radio Campaña)

This is a original Geyper Man's Field Radio or Radio Campaña in Spanish. Is a exact copy of one the Hasbro's Action Man Field Radio. Its also from the 1970´s. I believe this from 1975. Was Bought in Spain in the 70's. I hope it works but I dont have now the right bateries to test it.

The pictures shows incorrect headphones. I have the original ones just forget to take pictures. Later I get them.

Update in 22/05/2017: I dont have this radio anymore. Go to a vintage collector in exchange of other more recent figures and equipment that I like.

There are 3 disks that we can change in order to listen a Geyper Man March and various military orders in Spanish. Yes is a real record player, Here are some pictures:

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