sábado, 10 de fevereiro de 2018

Custom 1/6 Scale WWII Western Front 1944 – Schütze "Karl"

This a new WIP (work in progress) figure representing a Wehrmacht Grenadier Soldier in the Western Front - France in 1944 armed with a Stielgranate 41, a Kar98 and a Panzerfaust 60. I use all of my spare equipment available to look like a soldier in that year. Was the kind of set that was use by the Wehrmacht in Normandy.

Is a DID body: Karl Stroop (Feldgendarmerie DID 001102) and have mixes of equipment and uniform from Dragon DID and 21st Century.

What I like more in this scale is that I can mess around with figures, equipment and uniforms to have the most possible perfect custom:

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